Pathfinder Leadership Award

Pathfinder Leadership Award

We encourage all Pathfinder volunteer staff to attain accredited leadership skills. Some Pathfinder Leadership modules are offered at the annual Pathfinder Leadership Award weekends held each February. Leaders also have the opportunity to complete extra modules in specific areas through Avondale College’s Outdoor Recreation course. For more information, contact the Club Director.

Online Units with North NSW Conference

PTHOPS001 – Pathfinder Curriculum
PTHAMD004 – Pathfinder Committees and Job Descriptions
PTHACT005 – Pathfinder Knots and Lashings
PTHACT001 – Pathfinder Drill and Marching
PTHADM003 – Pathfinder Programming
PTHOPS004 – Pathfinder Discipline
PTHACT002 – Pathfinder Sabbath Camping Programs
PTHACT004 – Pathfinder Games
PTHADM002 – Pathfinder Administration
PTHOPS002 – Pathfinder Active Learning Methods
PTHACT003 – Pathfinder Nature Awareness Methods
PTHOPS005 – Pathfinder Creativity Skills

Online Units with Avondale College

SISXRSK301A – Undertake Risk Analysis of Activities
SISOODR303A – Guide Outdoor Recreation Sessions
SISOOPS304A – Plan for Minimal Environmental Impact
SISOODR302A – Plan Outdoor Recreation Activities
SISOOPS202A – Use & Maintain a Temporary or Overnight Campsite
SISOBWG201A – Demonstrate Bushwalking Skills in a Controlled Envir.
SISONAV201A – Demonstrate Navigation Skills in a Controlled Envir.
SISXCA1306A – Facilitate Groups
SISEMR201A – Respond to Emergency Situations
PUAOPE002A – Operate Communication Systems and Equipment

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