The club has two uniforms:

  • Field uniform – a polo shirt which is worn with shorts or jeans to most activities. You will need to buy the polo shirt from the club. Cost $30.
  • Dress uniform – which is worn on special occasions such as investiture and camporee parades. The $100 uniform deposit which is part of your initial registration fee covers the cost of the uniform – as this uniform is only worn occasionally, you will be able to exchange some uniform items at no cost as your child grows. The deposit will be returned when your child leaves the club and returns their dress uniform.
Dress uniform
  • Bottle green trousers (boys) or skirt (girls)
  • Khaki shirt (boys) or white blouse (girls) with buttoned pockets and shoulder straps
  • Patches for shirt/blouse
    • World emblem, conference emblem and triangle
    • Central Coast Club name patch
  • Scarf (yellow for Pathfinders, red for leaders)
  • Woggle
  • Bottle green sash
  • Black leather shoes
  • Black socks (boys) or white socks (girls)
  • Akubra-style hat (worn with both field and dress uniform – needs to be purchased from the club).
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